Do you remember special holidays and visiting your grandparents, or perhaps, they lived near you while you were growing up?  Do you remember the stories that they used to share with you about life through the different decades?  They were acting as a SAGE in your life, sharing wisdom and mentoring you on profound philosophical topics. Khan McClellan, the founder of Sages Elder Care in Colorado Springs, remembers many of these conversations with his grandparents and other elders in his small town.  He developed respect and admiration for them as they taught him about Life.  He had the great fortune of growing up in the same town as most of his extended family, so he knows how we all need to take care of one another!  Special thanks to Gang-Gang and Tesi for teaching him this!

Sages Elder Care seeks to pass on this support, respect, love, and basic care to the senior adults in the Colorado Springs area  (serving El Paso and Teller counties).  Sages Elder Care can do everything from providing a companion in your Colorado Springs home for you to play cards with or have someone drive you to the store or doctor’s appointment, or prepare some meals or do some light housework for you, etc.  Or, Sages Elder Care can provide someone to do basic handyman services around your house (such as lawn care, snow removal, light construction jobs, change a light bulb, etc).  The point is this: we want to help you stay in your comfortable home, living independently, for as long as possible!  And, Sages Elder Care would like to help make that happen!